N:P:K:CaO:S +TE ( 07:36:17:02:7+TE)

N:P:K:CaO:S +TE ( 07:36:17:02:7+TE)

Seerin multi-N N:P:K:CaO:S +TE ( 07:36:17:02:7+TE) is 100% water-soluble fertilizer. Prepared by high-quality essential nutrients and minimum value of high-quality phosphorus. It provides maximum uptake of nutrients in crops resulting in high yield results. 
Dose: According to crop duration. Kindly contact our representative (Agronomist). 

N:P:K:CaO:S +TE ( 07:36:17:02:7+TE) 
100% Water-Soluble fertilizer containing (Percent by weight)
Total Nitrogen % by weight Minimum 07.00
Moisture % by weight Maximum 0.50
Sodium as NaCl % by weight on a dry basis  Maximum 0.50
Matter Insoluble in water % by weight Maximum 0.50
Water-soluble Phosphate (as P2O5) % by weight Minimum


Water-soluble Potash (as K2O) % by weight Minimum 17.00
Water-soluble Calcium (CaO) Minimum % by weight Minimum 02.00
Water-soluble Sulphur (S) Minimum % by weight Minimum 07.00
Zinc (EDTA) Zn 250 mg/kg
Iron (EDTA) Fe 120 mg/kg
Manganese (EDTA) Mn 75 mg/kg
Copper (EDTA) Cu 45 mg/kg
Boron B 15 mg/kg
Molybdenum Mo 3 mg/kg
Concentration % 5% (Solution)
EC (mS/cm) 49.2
pH 7.8



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