Boron (Non Chelated)

Boron (Non Chelated)

AK-BORE(Non Chelated) is an ideal boron fertilizer to correct boron deficiency in soil & crops. it increases profit by maximizing yield. Contains Water soluble Boron 20% Minimum. Boron :-The main function of Boron related to cell wall strengths & development, cell division, fruit & seed development, sugar translocation & hormone synthesis. The Boron requirement at flowering & seed set may be higher than that needed for vegetative growth. Boron (B) has a significant effect in pollen germination & pollen tube growth. The viability of pollen grains also decreases when B is deficient. Boron (B) deficiency increases the drop of buds & flowers, resulting in significant reduction in seed & fruit set & also in the quality of fruits, seeds, nuts etc. Boron maintains calcium (Ca) in soluble form & thus ensures its proper utilization.

Di Sodium Octa borate Tetra Hydrate (Na22B8013,4H20)
Boron (as B) percent by weight,Minimum 20.00
Matter insoluble in water, percent by weight,maximum 1.0
Lead (asPb) percent by weight, Maximum 0.003

Recommendations : Akshat AK Bore is foliar application fertilizers for Boron requirements of the crop. Apply 250 gm in 200 ltr of water for per acre during rapid growth and nutritional stress conditions. For optimum results, repeat application throught the growing season.

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