Seerin-22:18:20 ( Potasium Magnesium Sulphate)

Seerin-22:18:20 ( Potasium Magnesium Sulphate)

Seein-potassium Magnesium Sulphate (Ultisole). is a fully water soluble fertilizer, a high efficient source of Potassium ,Magnesium, and Sulphate for plants. As a nitrogen free fertilizer, Seerin- Ultisole is Used to increased Fruit growth, and Promotes root growth, ultisole maintains chlorophyll contains of the cell .its increase the photosynthesis activity of the plants


Specification                                                    Grade                                        
Magnesium as MgO % minimum         -        18.00
Potash content K2O % minimum         -       22.00
Total chloride (as Cl)  % maximum      -         2.50 
Sodium (as NaCl) % maximum            -            2.0
Sulphur (as S) % minimum                  -        20.00 
Moisture % maximum                           -           0.5


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