Seerin- SOP (00:00:50) is a Potassium Sulphate fertilizer for Sulpha™ of all crops . It combines potassium and sulphur, two nutrients essential for plant growth. Seerin-SOP (00:00:50) is a recommended source of potassium where soil pH needs to be lowered, when sulphur is required, or when N application rates should be limited (e.g. at the end of the season).Providing concentrated nutrition, readily available for plant uptake. It enhances plant’s resistance to drought, frost, insects and diseases, thus improving yield and quality. Seerin- SOP (00:00:50) helps gaining higher nutritional value of crops, better taste and appearance, and improved suitability for transport and storage. Seerin- SOP (00:00:50) is a crystalline product, fast dissolving, highly soluble and virtually free of chloride.

Specification                                                                            Grade
Sulphur (as S) % minimum                                                   17.50 
Water soluble K2O % minimum                                            50.00
Sodium as NaCl (on dry basis) % maximum                        2.00 
Total chloride % maximum                                                     2.50
Moisture % maximum                                                              1.50


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