Seerin- Magnesium Nitrate

Seerin- Magnesium Nitrate

Benefits : 100 % Water Soluble chloride free fertilizer. Help in crop development throught foliar spray and fertigation. benefit in nutrient ( N & Mg) deficient crop. Magnesium nitrate can use in acidic soil for better result. Basically its use in good at the harvesting stages.

FCO Specification Percent by weight 

Nitrate Nitrogen ( as NO3) ( on dry basis ) Maximum 48 %
Magnesium Oxide (as MgO ) Maximum 10.5 %
Moisture, Minimum 1.5 %

Recommendation : Recommendation are as per trials. However, Dosage and application will depend on soil analysis and crop growth satges.

Caution : Best time of spray is early morning or during evening hour when temperature is low. Do not spray during drough or water stress or diseased condition.