Seerin- PHOSPHA-TM (00:52:34) is a fully water-soluble Mono-Potassium Phosphate fertilizer, a highly efficient source of phosphorus and potassium for plants. As a nitrogen-free fertilizer, A common case is at early growing season, when phosphorus and potassium are needed at high rates for the establishment of rootsystem..Its high purity and water-solubility make Seerin- MKP (00:52:34) an ideal fertilizer for fertization and for foliar application

Specification grade
Water soluble phosphate as P2O5 % by weight , Minimum 52.00
Water soluble Potash  as K2O % by weight , Minimum 34.00
Sodium as NaCl by weight on dry basis, Maximum 0.025
Moisture by weight, Maximum 0.50


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