Seerin-NPK (17:09:29) is a fully water soluble fertilizer, a high efficient source of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium for plants. It is chloride free fertilizer, Seerin-multi-N,(17:09:29) is the preferred source of NPK in proportion of 2:1:3 as Nitrogen, phosphorus and potash

Specification Grade
Total Nitrogen % by weight 17.00
Nitrate Nitrogen as N% by weight ,Maximum 8.30
Ammonical Nitrogen % by weight, Minimum 4.30
Urea Nitrogen % by weight, Maximum 4.40
Water Soluble Phosphate as P2O5 % by weight 9.00
water Soluble Potash as K2O % by weight,Minimum 29.00
Matter Insoluble in water % by weight,Maximum 0.50
Moisture % by weight,Maximum 0.50


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