Seerin-NPK (19:19:19) is a fully Water Soluble Fertilizer, a high efficient source of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium for plants., Seerin-multiN, NPK (19:19:19) is the proffered source of NPK in proportion of 1:1:1 as Nitrogen ,Phosphorus and Potash- 19:19:19 at the productive stage of crops (vegetables & fruit) helps to increase sugar content and to improve the quality of these. its high purity and water solubility makes different to other. Seerin- N.P.K(19:19:19) an ideal fertilizer for fertigation at harvesting stages of all vegetable crops.

Specification Grade
Total Nitrogen Minimum 19.00
Nitrate Nitrogen Maximum 4.00
Ammonical Nitrogen Minimum 4.50
Urea Nitrogen  Maximum 10.50
Water Soluble Phosphate as P2OMinimum 19.00
Water Soluble Potash as K2O Minimum 19.00
Sodium as NaCl on dry basis Maximum 0.50
Moisture Maximum 0.50




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