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All Products

Green House Grade Fertilizers

# Product Name Category Image PDF View
1 Seerin-19:19:19 NPK grade Fertilizers Seerin-19:19:19  Download  View
2 Seerin-13:40:13 NPK grade Fertilizers Seerin-13:40:13  Download  View
3 Seerin-16:08:24 NPK grade Fertilizers Seerin-16:08:24  Download  View
4 Seerin-17:09:29 NPK grade Fertilizers Seerin-17:09:29  Download  View
5 Seerin- 30:10:10 NPK grade Fertilizers Seerin- 30:10:10  Download  View
6 Seerin-12:61:00 Phosphate Grade Fertilizers Seerin-12:61:00  Download  View
7 Seerin-00:52:34 Phosphate Grade Fertilizers Seerin-00:52:34  Download  View
8 Seerin-00:60:20 Phosphate Grade Fertilizers Seerin-00:60:20  Download  View
9 Seerin-14:65:00 Phosphate Grade Fertilizers Seerin-14:65:00  Download  View
10 Seerin-17:44:00 Phosphate Grade Fertilizers Seerin-17:44:00  Download  View
11 Seerin-13:00:45 Nitrate Grade Fertilizers (Seerin-Nitra) Seerin-13:00:45  Download  View
12 Seerin- CaNO3 Nitrate Grade Fertilizers (Seerin-Nitra) Seerin- CaNO3  Download  View
13 Seerin-00:00:50 Sulphate Grade Fertilizers Seerin-00:00:50  Download  View
14 Seerin-Ammonium Sulphate Sulphate Grade Fertilizers Seerin-Ammonium Sulphate  Download  View
15 Seerin-Magnesium Sulphate Sulphate Grade Fertilizers Seerin-Magnesium Sulphate  Download  View
16 Seerin-22:18:20 ( Potasium Magnesium Sulphate) Sulphate Grade Fertilizers Seerin-22:18:20 ( Potasium Magnesium Sulphate)  Download  View
17 Seerin- Magnesium Nitrate Nitrate Grade Fertilizers (Seerin-Nitra) Seerin- Magnesium Nitrate  Download  View
18 Potassium Schoenite Sulphate Grade Fertilizers Potassium Schoenite  Download  View

Micro Element Categories

# Product Name Category Image PDF View
19 ferrous Sulphate 19 % Sulphate Form Fertilizers (Single) ferrous Sulphate 19 %  Download  View
20 Zinc Sulphate 21 % Sulphate Form Fertilizers (Single) Zinc Sulphate 21 %  Download  View
21 Manganese Sulphate 30.5% Sulphate Form Fertilizers (Single) Manganese Sulphate 30.5%  Download  View
22 Copper Sulphate 24.5% Sulphate Form Fertilizers (Single) Copper Sulphate 24.5%  Download  View
23 Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate Sulphate Form Fertilizers (Single) Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate  Download  View
24 Borex 10.5 % Sulphate Form Fertilizers (Single) Borex 10.5 %  Download  View
25 High Zinc (Multimicro High Zinc) Sulphate Form Mixmicro Grade (Mix) High Zinc (Multimicro High Zinc)  Download  View
26 Akshat Combi-2 Chelated Multimicro Nutrient (Mix ) Akshat Combi-2  Download  View
27 Zinc EDTA 12% Chelated Micro Element ( Single) Zinc EDTA 12%  Download  View
28 Iron EDTA 12% Chelated Micro Element ( Single) Iron EDTA 12%  Download  View
29 Manganese EDTA Chelated Micro Element ( Single) Manganese EDTA  Download  View
30 Copper EDTA Chelated Micro Element ( Single) Copper EDTA  Download  View
31 Calcium EDTA Chelated Micro Element ( Single) Calcium EDTA  Download  View
32 Boron (Non Chelated) Chelated Micro Element ( Single) Boron (Non Chelated)  Download  View
33 akshat combi - 2 Chelated Multimicro Nutrient (Mix ) akshat combi - 2  Download  View
34 Iron EDDHA Chelated Micro Element ( Single) Iron EDDHA  Download  View

Special Premium Products

# Product Name Category Image PDF View
35 N:P:K +TE ( 17:06:34+TE) Banana Crop Special N:P:K +TE ( 17:06:34+TE)  Download  View
36 N:P:K:CaO +TE ( 07:00:38:11+TE) Berry Development Special Fertilizer N:P:K:CaO +TE ( 07:00:38:11+TE)  Download  View
37 N:P:K:CaO +TE ( 16:28:07:06+TE) Grapes Vegetative Growth Special Fertilizer N:P:K:CaO +TE ( 16:28:07:06+TE)  Download  View
38 N:P:K:CaO:MgO:S + TE (11:05:43:0:0:5 + TE) Pomegranate & Banana Special Fertilizer N:P:K:CaO:MgO:S + TE (11:05:43:0:0:5 + TE)  Download  View
39 N:P:K:CaO:S +TE ( 07:36:17:02:7+TE) Flowering & Berry Setting Crop Special N:P:K:CaO:S +TE ( 07:36:17:02:7+TE)  Download  View

Crop Protection

# Product Name Category Image PDF View
40 AK-Spreader Adjuvants AK-Spreader  Download  View
41 Antifly Control of White fly, Aphides & Jassids Antifly  Download  View
42 AK Fire Controle of BPH AK Fire  Download  View
43 Seerin Angara Control of FAW, Diamondback Moth & Caterpillars Seerin Angara  Download  View
44 AK 97 Control of Spider, Mite & Thrips AK 97  Download  View
45 ABM - Gold Control of Leaf Miner ABM - Gold  Download  View
46 Itarich Control of BPH & Mites Itarich  Download  View

Secondary Fertilizers

# Product Name Category Image PDF View
47 Amrutam Gold Amrutam Gold Amrutam Gold  Download  View
48 Urja Urja Urja  Download  View
49 Myco-Ly Myco-Ly Myco-Ly  Download  View
50 Greenex Greenex Greenex  Download  View
51 Reclaim Reclaim Reclaim  Download  View


# Product Name Category Image PDF View
52 Anmol PGR Anmol  Download  View
53 Amino fine PGR Amino fine  Download  View
54 Micropower-L PGR Micropower-L  Download  View
55 Humic Pro- GR PGR Humic Pro- GR  Download  View
56 Humic Pro -L PGR Humic Pro -L  Download  View